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Отличительной чертой наших арок является четко продуманная и полностью отработанная конструкция, которая позволяет произвести установку арки даже непрофессиональному монтажнику самостоятельно

At the time when most companies advocated "velocity over scale", Zedu LED selected the "subdivided merchandise focus" route, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Due to this fact, prior to now two years, many "category champions" of product classes have spent their time in Shenzhen. Of their view, in the extraordinary period, they're centered and more competitive.

Zedu has been leading the way in which in LED industrial lighting with UFO LED High Bay Light manufacturers LED High Bay because of the arrogance and youth and passion. As such, Zedu has established its own distinctive brand and culture in the LED industry, with the desire and power to accelerate the run, and keep a stable posture.

To be able to preserve the core advantages in the discipline of LED mobile lighting, we constantly adjust in terms of products and channels.

On the product, we set up a product innovation R&D heart in Nanshan, Shenzhen, to sort out the data and resources of the trade, and to offer direction for the development of the company’s products. The product design firm that has cooperated for many years offers us with many innovative solutions. The development strategy has at all times been in keeping with the market and is on the forefront;

By way of channels, the domestic market is dominated by provincial brokers, and a few provinces akin to Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Guizhou have achieved channel flattening, and agent cooperation can attain the city degree; the international market has covered North America, Southeast Asia, and African markets. Mainly take the form of OEM and deal with promoting the advertising and marketing strategy of independent brands in some areas;

In propaganda, the corporate intensified its publicity via varied aspects corresponding to websites, exhibitions, and social media.

In my opinion, to change into a "single product champion", clever lighting, health lighting and black know-how have to be perfectly integrated with products by means of the Internet platform. Zedu will continue to enhance the particular lighting brand; increase new product lines; increase product added value; develop new products which are in keeping with the international market; adhere to the "people-oriented" development ideas, quality and quantity. In overseas markets, Kang Mingsheng additionally plans to maintain pace with the country’s development, arrange production bases and offices abroad, and vigorously discover abroad markets.

Zedu does not agree with the concept that "a single product is difficult to maximize its advantages in the market". I believe that "a relatively easy product" implies that in a particular market segment, enterprises choose core products, use marketing, communication and different means to acquire corresponding competitive advantages. They all break by means of from a single product and realize the size development of the enterprise. Industry leader in the segmentation field.
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